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Brand Spotlight: Respironics

Exploring the options available from this popular maker of CPAP machines and CPAP machine accessories

Purchasing a CPAP machine is a complex decision. 

Between the potential cost (depending on your insurance coverage) and the amount of time you’ll likely use your CPAP machine, making the wrong choice can lead to serious frustration with little recourse but to spend yet more money.

In this guide, we will look at one of the market’s most popular brands: Respironics. 

We’ll outline some of their most popular products and take a brief look at the company, its history, and its service and warranty options to help you determine if Respironics is the right brand for your needs and budget.

Respironics PAP Therapy Devices

As a leader in the CPAP market since 1985, Respironics offers several PAP therapy devices to help provide relief from your sleep apnea symptoms.

In the past, Respironics had a sprawling line-up of different devices with various features. 

But the subtle changes from one device to the next could easily lead to confusion and make picking the ideal option difficult.

Fortunately, their newest lineup is far simpler, including one machine intended to address most PAP therapy needs (including travel use) and another machine for more complex treatment needs.

This makes comparing them and finding the perfect fit for you easier.

Respironics Dreamstation 2 Auto CPAP Advanced

As Respironics’ newest Auto CPAP or APAP machine, the model includes everything you need for effective, reliable management of your sleep apnea symptoms in one of the most compact chassis available in a full-sized machine.

If you often travel or enjoy outdoor adventures, you might find that the Dreamstation 2 Auto CPAP Advanced will even allow you to enjoy the benefits of your PAP therapy on the go without having to deal with a separate travel CPAP machine

It doesn’t include an internal battery, so you’ll still need access to a power source or an external battery pack to use it away from home.

Unlike some earlier Respironics models, there is an included humidifier to add comfort to your PAP therapy sessions.

Other standard features include a colour touchscreen, data logging, a cell modem for simplified data transmission, and Bluetooth support with app integration.

The machine also includes Respironics’ Ramp Plus feature that monitors for apnea events while ramping up and can automatically adjust pressure based on your needs to ensure comfort and safety.

Check out the Respironics Dreamstation 2 Auto CPAP Advanced in our store for more information if this machine sounds like a solid fit for you!

Respironics Dreamstation Auto CPAP Machine with Heated Humidifier and Heated Tube

As one of the most popular models released by Respironics, the Dreamstation Auto CPAP Machine with Heated Humidifier and Heated Tube is rivaled only by the newer Dreamstation 2 model listed above. 

However, it still provides nearly all of the conveniences of Respironics’ latest release in a slightly larger format (but at a reduced price!)

The machine includes the upgraded heated humidifier and tubing for added comfort in nearly any environment. 

SmartRamp will ensure safety while gently bringing you to your prescribed treatment pressure each session. 

Opti-Start helps keep pressures similar between sessions to ensure optimal treatment for your exact apnea conditions.

The colour LCD makes it easy to monitor data and settings, or you can also connect the machine with your mobile device over Bluetooth. 

Finally, Respironics’ A-Flex technology helps mimic natural breathing patterns, reducing pressure while you exhale and increasing overall comfort.

You can learn more about the Respironics Dreamstation Auto CPAP Machine with Heated Humidifier and Heated Tube in our store if it sounds like a good fit!

NOTE: If you’re looking for similar performance with improved comfort, check out the Respironics Dreamstation Expert CPAP Machine with Heated Humidifier and Heated Tube. It improves upon Respironics’ already-excellent A-Flex technology!

Respironics Dreamstation BiPAP Pro Bi-Level Machine with Heated Humidifier

Depending on your CPAP prescription, you might need a BiPAP machine. 

If so, the Respironics Dreamstation BiPAP Pro Bi-Level Machine with Heated Humidifier is a solid option. 

The machine offers differing pressure levels on the inhale and exhale to help address more complex sleep apnea cases–such as the occurrence of other respiratory conditions alongside sleep apnea. 

Features include a heated humidifier, Bluetooth and app connectivity, Bi-Flex pressure relief, Ramp and SmartRamp functionality, and EZ-Start.

The machine can also work to recognize and attempt to alleviate mask leaks and hypopnea events while you sleep to improve therapy efficacy.

These combine to make the machine simple to use and effective when used regularly as recommended by your sleep specialist or primary care physician.

Check out the Respironics Dreamstation BiPAP Pro Bi-Level Machine with Heated Humidifier in our store for more information if this machine sounds like a solid fit!

Respironics CPAP Mask Options

Of course, your machine is only one part of the overall PAP therapy package

Your choice of CPAP mask can have a noticeable impact on your comfort and willingness to use your CPAP machine.

Respironics has multiple lines of mask options to allow you to choose a mask that works with your facial structure and sleep position while also providing ways to ensure optimal comfort.

Popular Respironics CPAP masks include:

  • Dreamwear masks: Available in full face, nasal, and pillow designs, Dreamwear mask designs feature an innovative frame which minimizes visual obstructions and allows the CPAP tubing to connect at the top of your head instead of on the front of your cushion. This provides greater freedom of movement and improved mask comfort in a variety of sleeping positions.
  • Wisp Masks: Available in full face, nasal, and pillow designs, the Wisp series of masks offer either silicone or fabric frames for additional comfort options or for those with skin sensitivities. The cushion design also minimizes facial contact, making these masks some of the less intrusive options for those that prefer a minimalist approach.
  • Dreamwisp Masks: Combining facets of both mask series mentioned above, Dreamwisp masks are also available in different formats and provide the minimal touch and multiple frame options of the Wisp series with the top-of-the-head tube connection of the Dreamwear series.

Respironics offers other options, including their blue gel Comfort Gel series and full-face Amara series. For a complete list of Respironics CPAP mask options, check our store!

NOTE: Not sure what mask design might work best for you? Our guide on mask types for every sleeping position has you covered!

Respironics CPAP Tubing Options

This is easily the most straightforward category of products in this guide, as your choice of machine will determine your tube options.

If you’re not sure what machine you have or you’re looking for an option suited for multiple devices, Respironics’ Standard 6ft CPAP Tubing for CPAP machines offers a no-frills experience with high-quality 22mm tubing and universal connection end.

If you’re using a machine from the original Dreamstation line-up, Respironics’ Heated 6ft CPAP Tubing for Dreamstation CPAP Machines can improve comfort and reduce rainout.

Older Dreamstation Go models are compatible with the Respironics Dreamstation Go Tubing (12mm Micro Lite Tubing).

These tubes have a smaller diameter to help save weight when used with a travel CPAP machine.

Finally, Phillips Respironics Micro-Flexible Heated 12mm Tubing is compatible with their newest Dreamstation 2 machine.

These tubes combine the lighter weight and greater mobility of 12mm tubing with heating to help eliminate rainout and improve comfort while using your machine.

Respironics Oxygen Concentrator Options

Respironics is also an industry leader in oxygen concentrators.

These devices help to provide oxygen therapy for a range of conditions and can even work alongside CPAP machines for added benefit.

They do this while eliminating the need for heavy oxygen tanks which need regular replacement.

Not sure if you need a CPAP machine, an oxygen concentrator, or both?

Check out our comparison guide, which looks at the similarities and differences between these popular devices.

We currently carry two of the most popular Respironics oxygen concentrators.

Whether you need a concentrator to help while you’re out and about or in the comfort of your own home, the models below are likely a great fit.

Respironics SimplyGo Mini Portable Oxygen Concentrator with Extended Life Battery

With the highest oxygen output of any portable oxygen concentrator (POC) weighing no more than five pounds, the Respironics SimplyGo Mini Portable Oxygen Concentrator with Extended Life Battery is as powerful as it is portable.

It ships with nearly everything you need to get started, including AC and DC power adapters, a standard battery and an extended battery, and a carrying case to enjoy the benefits of oxygen therapy on the go as effortlessly as possible.

You can learn more about this popular portable POC at our store.

Respironics Everflo Stationary Concentrator

Weighing in at 31 pounds, the Respironics Everflo Stationary Concentrator isn’t as portable as the model we just discussed.

However, its four caster wheels and durable design mean you can easily wheel it from room to room within your home without worry.

More to the point, it pumps out up to 5-liters per minute at an ultra-quiet sound level of only 40 decibels.

This means you can enjoy the benefits of oxygen therapy while also enjoying the peace of your own home. 

Round things off with minimal maintenance requirements and a three-year warranty, and it is easy to see why the Respironics Everflo Stationary Concentrator is so popular.

You can learn more about it in the oxygen concentrator section of our store!

About Respironics

Started in 1976 as an anesthesia mask company, Respironics quickly expanded to include a range of other medical products. 

However, in 1985, they released their first CPAP machine, and they’ve remained a competitor in the market since.

They were an early pioneer of bi-level pressure technologies, receiving a patent for their designs in 1992. 

In 2007, the company announced a merger with Philips. 

However, their CPAP machines still include the Respironics name.

Backed by such a massive name in healthcare technology—and with a proven history of their own—Respironics has a reputation you can trust. 

Add a three-year warranty on most new products purchased through an authorized retailer, and you have little to worry about with your purchase.

Should you need anything, assistance is available by phone, chat, or email at the Philips site

However, keep in mind that they can only deal with equipment-specific issues. 

Advice on therapy, assistance in adjusting your settings or setup, and other medical-related issues are likely best brought to your primary care or CPAP supply provider.

And that’s everything! 

With an understanding of all the options, you’re now ready to build your ideal Respironics CPAP machine bundle or source replacement parts for your existing equipment.

Respironics is a cornerstone in the CPAP market, offering dependable, innovative CPAP machines to meet various needs. Their three-year warranty provides added flexibility and peace of mind. Contact us today if you have questions or aren’t sure where to start choosing parts. We’re happy to discuss options, outline pros and cons, and work with you to create a package that meets your health and financial needs.

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