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Maintaining Your Oxygen Concentrator

Simple steps you can take to ensure long-lasting performance and safe operation from a portable or stationary oxygen concentrator. Oxygen concentrators are an essential component of oxygen therapy and are sometimes used alongside CPAP machines for supplemental oxygen delivery while also alleviating the symptoms of sleep apnea. While these machines are quite simple to operate, […]

Oxygen Concentrators vs CPAP Machines

Essential considerations to help you determine the best approach to managing your sleep or breathing symptoms Oxygen concentrators and CPAP machines are medical equipment designed to treat various respiratory issues or sleep disorders.  While they might be used together in some cases, they’re not interchangeable, and both offer unique benefits. However, there is often confusion […]

An Introduction to Oxygen Concentrators

A high-level look at these popular medical devices and why you might use one Oxygen concentrators are a popular way of administering oxygen therapy or adding supplemental oxygen to PAP therapy without many of the hassles or safety concerns of using oxygen tanks. Understanding how oxygen concentrators work and some best practices for safe use […]

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