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Are CPAP Cleaning Machines Worth It? Ozone and UV Cleaners vs Manual Cleaning

CPAP cleaning machines promise easy, thorough cleaning for your CPAP parts and accessories. But are they worth the price? Keeping your CPAP machine and its various components clean is an essential–and repetitive–part of PAP therapy.  Doing so ensures the safe operation of your equipment and reduces the risk of infections and other health concerns. But […]

What to Expect When Getting an Oxygen Concentrator Prescription

Obtaining an oxygen concentrator prescription doesn’t need to be stressful. Here’s what to expect. Whether used alongside PAP therapy or as a standalone treatment option, oxygen therapy can help immensely alleviate fatigue and discomfort associated with a wide range of health conditions. However, obtaining an oxygen concentrator requires a prescription.  So how do you go […]

Maintaining Your Oxygen Concentrator

Simple steps you can take to ensure long-lasting performance and safe operation from a portable or stationary oxygen concentrator. Oxygen concentrators are an essential component of oxygen therapy and are sometimes used alongside CPAP machines for supplemental oxygen delivery while also alleviating the symptoms of sleep apnea. While these machines are quite simple to operate, […]

Oxygen Concentrators vs CPAP Machines

Essential considerations to help you determine the best approach to managing your sleep or breathing symptoms Oxygen concentrators and CPAP machines are medical equipment designed to treat various respiratory issues or sleep disorders.  While they might be used together in some cases, they’re not interchangeable, and both offer unique benefits. However, there is often confusion […]

An Introduction to Oxygen Concentrators

A high-level look at these popular medical devices and why you might use one Oxygen concentrators are a popular way of administering oxygen therapy or adding supplemental oxygen to PAP therapy without many of the hassles or safety concerns of using oxygen tanks. Understanding how oxygen concentrators work and some best practices for safe use […]

What to Look for When Choosing a Portable or Travel CPAP Machine

Understanding the benefits of a travel CPAP machine and how to choose the best option for your needs. Standard CPAP machines are lighter and more compact than ever.  But they’re still not the most portable items around due to their weight and multiple components.  Whether you’re travelling for work or leisure, your sleep apnea symptoms […]

Diagnosing Sleep Apnea

A quick overview of what to expect and how to get started obtaining an apnea diagnosis Diagnosing your sleep apnea is the first step in working to alleviate your symptoms, restore your quality of sleep, and take back your life. But all the information available might seem daunting.  Fortunately, while sleep apnea severity and symptoms […]

Anatomy of a CPAP System

A breakdown of the various pieces of your CPAP machine and how they function together to help you sleep better and live your best life When you’re not sure what everything does, CPAP machines just might look like a crazy contraption out of a sci-fi movie or medical drama you’d see on TV. But the […]

Do I Need A Prescription to Order a CPAP Machine?

A quick overview of everything you need to order your PAP therapy components in Canada Getting started with PAP therapy means purchasing a few different pieces of equipment. There’s the CPAP machine itself, the CPAP mask, tubes to connect the mask, filters, headgear, and more. But before you fill up a cart online or drop […]

CPAP Mask Sores: Prevention & Cures

If you’re experiencing discomfort with your CPAP mask, these tips can help! Mask discomfort and skin or nose irritation are leading reasons why people don’t use their CPAP machines as much as they should or, worse still, stop using their CPAP machine entirely! If you wake up with sores on your face, irritated skin, or […]

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