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Brand Spotlight: Breas (HDM)

Are you looking for a brand that specializes in travel PAP devices? Breas (HDM) has you covered!

While many PAP device manufacturers try to create an entire lineup of products that suit a range of use cases and needs, Breas (also known as HDM) focuses on ultra-portable PAP options that allow you to enjoy the benefits of your PAP therapy prescription while away from home.

But as a smaller company, they’re not quite as well known as the more prominent brands.

In this spotlight, we’ll look at their products and give an idea of what to expect so you can see if they will be a good fit for your needs.

Meet the Z2 by Breas (Formerly Known as HDM)

The Z2 Travel Auto CPAP Machine had big shoes to fill, following up on the very popular Z1 model.

It was already one of the smallest CPAP machines available with the Z1, but the Z2 also made it one of the lightest—weighing just 10.4 ounces. 

They accomplished this while improving noise levels, shipping with the Q Tube muffler, and providing waterless humidification with their HME unit.

It’s available in both Auto PAP (APAP) and CPAP options—though the difference is software-related, not an actual difference in the hardware models.

While it’s substantially smaller than traditional PAP devices, you’re not sacrificing convenience using the Z2 Auto CPAP.

It includes auto-start and auto-stop functionality to make using your PAP machine effortless. Their Z-Breathe Pressure Relief technology helps make exhaling easier and allows you to fall asleep faster.

Data tracking is available via USB or Bluetooth connection using their Nitelog App.

Better yet, as long as you’re not using proprietary tubing connectors, there’s a good chance the CPAP tubing for your home CPAP will work with the Z2. 

If not, any tubing with standard ends will work. However, we recommend travel tubing for additional weight savings and ease of use on the go.

You’ll need to plug the Z2 in using an included power adapter during everyday use. 

However, if you’d like to use it while off the grid (or simply want reassurance that power outages won’t interrupt your PAP therapy), they offer the Z2 Powershell for cord-free operation.

All of this is offered in a package that is FAA compliant for easy travel by air. 

It can even be used in-flight with proper power or battery access!

NOTE: Not sure if a travel CPAP is suitable for your needs? 

Our guide on what to look for when choosing a travel or portable CPAP has you covered!

Breas Mask Options

Breas does not offer its own CPAP mask options, unlike other CPAP manufacturers. 

Instead, they allow you to bring along the mask you use with your CPAP at home.

This means you won’t have to learn to use a different mask design, need to worry about maintaining two sets of accessories, or find yourself stuck with an uncomfortable, unfamiliar mask while traveling.

Not sure what mask is best for you? 

Be sure to check our CPAP mask comparison guide for an idea of options that suit your facial structure, preferred sleeping position, and prescription.

Breas Tubing Options

As mentioned in the device description, the Z2 by Breas is compatible with nearly any CPAP tubing with standard connections. 

This means that you can likely use any non-heated tubing you might have or can find at your local CPAP supply provider.

However, Breas offers their Z2 & Z1 Travel CPAP Slimstyle Tubing if you’d like something designed specifically for the device.

As the name suggests, it’s a small-diameter tubing option with lightweight materials to help keep your luggage as light as possible. 

Its six feet length also ensures plenty of range if you need to place your Z2 travel CPAP further from you while sleeping away from home.

For more considerations when choosing tubing for your CPAP machine, check out our guide, CPAP Tubing: What to Look For.

About Breas

Breas is the consumer-facing arm of a larger company, Fosun Pharma. 

Previously, the company released devices under the brand name Human Design Medical (HDM.)

Based in Sweden, Breas has more than 30 years of experience in designing safe, effective solutions for respiratory care needs. 

Outside of their travel CPAP options, they’re also a major manufacturer of home mechanical ventilation devices and airway clearance devices.

Today, they have subsidiaries in the UK, Germany, Spain, USA and China and offer products in more than 40 countries.

Product support is available over the phone or through an online ticket system. 

They also offer a comprehensive knowledge base for their products that covers many of the most common concerns and questions related to the Z2. 

You can find out more at their Breas Support Page.

However, keep in mind that they can only deal with equipment-specific issues. 

Advice on therapy, assistance in adjusting your settings or setup, and other medical-related issues are likely best brought to your primary care or CPAP supply provider.

And that’s everything! 

With an understanding of all options, you’re now ready to build your ideal Z2 Travel Auto PAP machine bundle or source replacement parts for your existing equipment.

If size and portability are on the top of your list of PAP device requirements, the Z2 Travel Auto CPAP Machine is a reliable option that won’t weigh you down as you travel. If you’d like to know about this popular portable CPAP, get in touch, and we’re happy to answer any questions you might have—or help you find a better fit for your needs. You can also browse our selection of industry-leading PAP devices, parts, and accessories!

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