This is the replacement cushion for the Amara Full Face Mask. The cushion is available in either gel or silicone and in four sizes: Petite, Small, Medium, and Large.

With the initial release, the Amara was packaged with two sizes of frame – standard and ‘RS’ or Reduced Size. As of September 2013, all Amara masks are packaged with the Reduced Size frame. All sizes and types of Amara cushions can fit either the standard or the Reduced Size frame.

To check the Amara frame size:

  • Hold the mask with the cushion facing you
  • The word “Amara” is printed on the right hand side of the frame
  • If the frame is an RS or Reduced Size frame, the letters “RS” will be stamped under the headgear clip area
  • If the frame is a standard size it will not have any letters stamped under the clip