Respironics Dreamstation Pro CPAP Machine with Heated Humidifier
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Respironics Dreamstation Pro CPAP Machine with Heated Humidifier

$995.00 $565.00


The DreamStation Pro CPAP Machine is the advanced fixed-pressure machine in the DreamStation line by Philips Respironics. The DreamStation Pro offers advanced features such as SmartRamp, Auto-Trial, and advanced data tracking. The DreamStation Heated Humidifier with Heated Tube can be added to increase therapy comfort by adding and maintaining moisture in the therapy air.

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The DreamStation Pro CPAP Machine is a CPAP machine designed with ease of use in mind. With advanced features built-in, the machine offers users the ability to monitor therapy effectiveness and will even adapt on it’s own to better treat the individual. This is a CPAP machine that will provide one pressure throughout the night.


  • User-Friendly Design with Colorful Display
  • Heated Humidifier
  • Auto-Trial up to 30 Days
  • SmartRamp & Other Advanced Features Built-In
  • Flex Family Pressure Relief

User Friendly Design with Colorful Display

The DreamStation Pro is designed with the user in mind. Tray style filters make taking filter in and out easy for regular cleaning and replacement. The display is front-facing for easy viewing if placed on an eye-level nightstand. The display is colorful and easy to navigate using the turing dial also on the front of the machine. The DreamStation Pro has an ambient light sensor housed on the top of the machine which will adjust the displays brightness depending on ambient light in the room.

DreamStation Heated Humidifier with Adaptive Mode

The DreamStation Heated Humidifier is an integrated humidifier that will attach directly to the DreamStation Pro. The humidifier is simple to use with a chamber that can be sat inside and the lid closed to secure the connection, unlike other humidifiers which require sliding chambers in and out. The chamber is dishwasher safe and has easily visible fill lines. Also available for additional purchase is the optional heated tube which will increase comfort by maintaining heat in therapy air all the way to the mask.

The DreamStation features Adaptive Humidification mode which can be enabled when the optional humidifier is connected. Adaptive mode will allow the machine and humidifier to monitor ambient humidity levels to automatically adjust heat settings to provide optimum humidity with a decreased chance of dryness or rainout. Adaptive mode can be turned off if a fixed heat setting is desired.


The DreamStation Pro features and auto-trial mode which can be used for up to 30 days. During this period, the machine will function as an auto-adjusting machine that will automatically adjust pressure during the night to provide optimum pressure on a breath-by-breath basis. After the auto-trial is complete, the machine will provide the pressure the user was at or below 90 percent of the time. Please Note: This is not an auto-adjusting machine. Once auto-trial is complete, the machine will not adjust pressure during the night.


The DreamStation Pro CPAP includes SmartRamp which an innovate alternative to traditional ramp. With SmartRamp enabled, the machine will monitor the user for apnea events during the ramp time. If an event is detected which requires a lower pressure than the prescribed pressure, the machine will provide that lower pressure until ramp time is complete or until a higher pressure is needed. If there is an event which requires the full prescription pressure, ramp will conclude. If no event is detected during the ramp time, the machine will slowly increase to the prescribed pressure at approximately 1cm H2O per minute.

Advanced Features Built-In

The DreamStation Pro has many other advanced features built-in, such as:

  • Bluetooth: The machine can be connected via bluetooth to the DreamMapper app on a compatible smartphone or tablet (not included). The DreamMapper app is available for iOS devices with iOS 6 or newer in the iTunes App Store or for Android devices 2.2 or newer in the Google Play Store.
  • Auto On/Off: If enabled, the machine can start or stop therapy when it is detected that the user has put on or taken off their mask.
  • Mask Fit Check: The DreamStation Pro has a mask fit check tool which will provide airflow and indicate if the mask has an adequate seal or not.
  • AHI Data: Nightly, weekly, and monthly AHI numbers are projected on the LCD screen to provide additional data regarding Apnea and Hypopnea events.
  • Regular Reminders: The machine will populate a message regularly to remind the user to replace filters.

Flex Family Pressure Relief

The DreamStation Pro features C-Flex+ to help increase therapy comfort. Like regular C-Flex, it will lower pressure on exhalation, and in addition will soften the transition between inhalation and exhalation.

2 reviews for Respironics Dreamstation Pro CPAP Machine with Heated Humidifier

  1. [email protected]

    Excellent product. After only two days of use I noticed an improvement in my energy and attention span. I love how it connects to my phone and gives me a daily update on my sleep. This unit is also very quiet (Our ceiling fan is louder).

    Talking with Jeremy at cpapsupply was super helpful and shipping was fast.

    I live in British Columbia and got wildly different prices from two local apnea centres. One quoted me 2300, and the other was 2800. With cpapsupply I paid $990.00 total. With an included 3 year warranty.

    Thanks Jeremy and Crystal, for your service and help.


    • jmank

      Craig thank you for taking the time to post a review. We are thrilled that we were able to get you the machine you needed at a good price. Once more, thank you for posting your review. We look forward to working with you again in the future.

  2. Craig Reimer

    One year later and the machine is still working great! No issues at all.

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