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CPAP Learning Resources

Exploring the Top Full Face CPAP Masks

Taking a look at the top options available in full face masks from leading CPAP mask manufacturers While full face masks might not be the most popular mask design available, there are more than enough of them to make choosing one feel daunting if you’re unsure where to start. In this roundup, we will explore […]

Why You Might Consider Using a Chin Strap with Your CPAP Machine

A brief overview of why you should—or shouldn’t—consider using a chin strap as part of your PAP therapy setup Chin straps are a popular CPAP accessory thanks to their affordable pricing and easy use.  But do they work? And, perhaps more importantly, do you need to consider adding one to your equipment? In this guide, […]

CPAP Masks: Top Nasal CPAP Masks Explored

If the variety of nasal CPAP masks available has you feeling lost or you’re not sure which brands you can trust, these top picks are highly recommended! Mask choice is essential to ensuring your PAP therapy is comfortable and effective.  However, the huge range of models, designs, and manufacturers can make it hard to know […]

CPAP Masks: Top Nasal Pillow CPAP Masks Explored

Not sure which nasal pillow mask to consider? Consider these top picks from major CPAP mask manufacturers! When it comes to comfort and your overall experience, there are few CPAP parts or accessories that will have as much impact as your choice of CPAP mask. But with so many manufacturers and models to choose from, […]

What You Need to Know About CPAP Equipment Repairs

Troubleshooting common CPAP machine issues and understanding your options should your machine or accessories malfunction Even a single night without your CPAP machine can lead to a noticeable reduction in sleep quality and rapid return of sleep apnea symptoms. It is essential to understand your options should any of your CPAP equipment stop performing as […]

Sleep Apnea & Anxiety: Connections Explored

Sleep apnea and anxiety are increasingly common in modern life, but are they connected? While you probably wouldn’t underestimate the importance of a good night’s sleep, researchers are discovering that the true impact of intermittent or poor-quality sleep might be farther spread than you think. Although sleep apnea and anxiety both exist on a scale—and […]

Sleep Apnea Side Effects & Symptoms

An overview of the typical side effects and symptoms of sleep apnea in kids and adults Sleep apnea impacts a surprising portion of people around the world.  But the fact that it takes place in your sleep can make detection tricky—especially if you live or sleep alone! Given the serious health consequences sleep apnea can […]

Brand Spotlight: Fisher & Paykel

Exploring the products and accessories available from this popular CPAP machine manufacturer Despite being a smaller name in the CPAP market, Fisher & Paykel has decades of experience creating and developing respiratory care products. If you’re not sure if Fisher & Paykel is a good fit for you, consider the selections in this brand spotlight.  […]

Brand Spotlight: Breas (HDM)

Are you looking for a brand that specializes in travel PAP devices? Breas (HDM) has you covered! While many PAP device manufacturers try to create an entire lineup of products that suit a range of use cases and needs, Breas (also known as HDM) focuses on ultra-portable PAP options that allow you to enjoy the […]

Brand Spotlight: ResMed

A quick overview of the products and history of this popular PAP machine and accessory manufacturer The sheer number of options available can make finding the perfect CPAP machine and accessories difficult.  Whether you’re new to PAP therapy or looking for a replacement for an existing machine, understanding what is available is a critical first […]

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