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Fisher & Paykel Evora Nasal CPAP Mask (Fit Pack)

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Meet the new minimalist and compact nasal mask from Fisher & Paykel—the Evora Nasal CPAP Mask (Fit Pack) was designed with the first-of-its-kind CapFit™ headgear to allow for more effortless adjustment and placement. The CapFit headgear fits like a baseball cap and provides a smoother experience to put on and take off your mask—even in the dark!


CapFit Design: Minimal Headgear With AirEdges to Reduce Red Marks

With only a few extra parts, the patented CapFit design helps create the same seal you’d get from your regular mask without the extra tugging from your headgear. To help improve your comfort and reduce red marks, the Evora uses soft stitching around the edges of the straps.

Nasal Cushion Adapts to Your Unique Face Shape for an Improved Seal

The Evora uses an innovative soft and compact floating seal that’s designed to leverage the tension created by the mask’s backstrap to surround your nose in a soft nasal cradle. The patented two-part design hugs your nose, giving you a leak-free and unobtrusive seal.

Whisper Quiet: Circular Exhalation Port Reduces Blowing Air and Noise

The Evora is a quiet mask engineered for comfort. The exhalation port vents air out and away in a circular pattern while reducing noise to only 25 decibels, which is considered whisper quiet.

What’s Included:

Mask Cushions in Small, Medium, and Large
Mask Frame
Mask Headgear
Top Strap
Exhaust Holes

Mask parts

  • No any Mask parts available in this product.

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This Product Includes…
Mask with Small, Medium, Large Cushions
Headgear with Backstrap
Product Specifications
Storage Temperature: 20°C – 50°C (4°F – 122°F)
Sound Output in Decibels: 25 dbA
Pressure Ranges: 0 – 25 cmH2O
Replacement Schedule: Once Every 12 Months
Compatible With Oxygen: Yes, with port connector.
Does it Contain Latex? No.
Is it Hypoallergenic? Yes.
Warranty: 90 days

Not suitable for life support ventilation.
It should only be used with approved CPAP and Bi-Level equipment.
Clean regularly to prevent the buildup of germs.
Do not use rubbing alcohol.
Do not attempt to clean in the dishwasher.


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