A lot of new CPAP users report having an increase in sinus congestion after starting CPAP therapy. When treating your Obstructive Sleep Apnea, sinus congestion presents a roadblock to healthy breathing. CPAP air is an irritant – to one degree or another – to everyone. The irritation may cause the nasal passages to dry out and bleed, or the mucous membranes may try to protect the nasal passages by producing excess mucous and so congestion results.

The best option is to increase your humidifier level to add moisture to the CPAP air and reduce or eliminate the irritation. If you are already using a heated humidifier, try turning it up to a higher setting. If that produces condensation in the six foot hose, you should try an insulated cover for the hose. Other options are to:

  • Try a Heated CPAP Tubing which gives you better control of the humidity (these can be found under CPAP Tubing).
  • Wait and See
  • Visit your the ear/nose/throat doctor, and let them know you are on CPAP therapy