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Nasal Pillow Interfaces Evolve

New launches showcase trends such as minimal face contact, noise reducing technology, and a natural feel. By Lisa Spear Some sleep apnea patients will tell you that it’s not always easy to sleep with a CPAP mask. Escaping air can create a loud hissing noise that wakes them up during the night. The headgear can […]

What can I do for sinus and congestion relief?

A lot of new CPAP users report having an increase in sinus congestion after starting CPAP therapy. When treating your Obstructive Sleep Apnea, sinus congestion presents a roadblock to healthy breathing. CPAP air is an irritant – to one degree or another – to everyone. The irritation may cause the nasal passages to dry out […]

Why is my face breaking out around my nose?

Sores, redness and bumps around your nose can be caused by one of three main reasons: facial oils are building up under the mask material; the mask is overly tight; or the mask material is causing an allergic reaction. A breakout can occur from the facial oils building up under the mask at night. You […]

How do I avoid red marks?

Most red marks on the face are caused by over tightening the CPAP mask. CPAP masks should only be tightened down enough to create a seal. To avoid over tightening your mask, you should work clockwise around the mask, making small adjustments to the headgear, until the mask is securely in place but not overly […]

Why do I wake up to find my mask off?

People remove their mask during sleep because they are not getting enough air. The CPAP pressure may be reduced if your mask is leaking. Your mask may be too big or too old. We would suggest you resize your mask to be sure you have the best size. If your mask fits you but is […]

Why am I congested from CPAP use?

The primary reason why nasal passages sometimes dry out from CPAP use is lack of adequate humidification. CPAP air is an irritant – one degree or another – to everyone. The irritation may cause the nasal passages to dry out and bleed, or the mucous membranes may try to protect the nasal passages by producing […]

Why do I wake up with dry eyes?

Air leaking from the mask at the bridge of the nose and over the eyes during sleep will cause the eyes to dry out. The most common reason for air leaking at the nose bridge is that the mask is too big or too long for the nose. We would suggest you resize your mask […]

Why is the bridge of my nose sore?

Sores at the bridge of the nose or below the nose are usually due to tightening the headgear straps too much. The pressure will create soreness, then a bruise, and may eventually create an open sore if left untreated. Headgear is usually tightened too much to reduce or eliminate air leaks. A small degree of […]

How do I stop mask leaks?

Air leaks are caused by masks that are too big, too old, or just the wrong style. Air leaking into the eyes is usually an indication that the mask is too big (long or wide) as are leaks at the base of the nose. Leaks may also occur under the nose due to facial hair. […]

How can I find replacement parts for my CPAP Mask?

For every masks there are parts that are replaceable such as the mask cushion, headgear, headgear clips and other parts. To find parts which are compatible with your mask, or to find which parts of your mask are replaceable, you can: Use our (CPAP Supplies – Replacement Parts) to identify your mask and see all the […]

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