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man sleeping peacefully while wearing home sleep apnea test equipment

At-Home Sleep Studies Explored

Why you might consider an at-home sleep study and what to expect during the process It wasn’t long ago that diagnosing sleep apnea required spending a night (or more) in a sleep lab while connected to an array of medical equipment—as if falling asleep in a strange bed wasn’t already hard enough. Today, at-home sleep […]

CPAP Machine Cleaning & Maintenance Fundamentals

The how’s and why’s of ensuring safe, long-lasting performance from your CPAP machine and CPAP accessories It probably makes sense that a machine that blows into your airways for hours at a time should be kept clean and tidy. With proper cleaning and maintenance, the risk posed by CPAP machines and all those little corners […]

CPAP Machine Use Essentials: Proper Mask Fitment and Other Critical Considerations

Five Considerations to Encourage CPAP Machine Usage and Optimize Comfort Consistent, proper usage of your CPAP machine greatly maximizes the benefits of PAP therapy in reducing sleep apnea symptoms and improving sleep quality and quality of life. Getting started with CPAP therapy might seem daunting with the various machine options available, multiple mask designs and […]

PAP Therapies Compared: APAP vs BiPAP vs CPAP

Examining how the various PAP therapies available compare to help you determine what might be best for you or your loved one’s treatment needs. According to the MSD Manual, 2 to 9% of adults suffer from sleep apnea.  Fortunately, as awareness of this serious sleep condition has risen and technologies have improved, diagnosing and treating […]

Air Pollution May Up Sleep Apnea Risk

In “The Association of Ambient Air Pollution with Sleep Apnea: The Multi-Ethnic Study of Atherosclerosis,” Martha E. Billings, MD, MSc, and co-authors report a link between obstructive sleep apnea and increases in two of the most common air pollutants: fine particulate pollution, known as PM2.5, and nitrogen dioxide (NO2), a traffic-related pollutant. “Prior studies have […]

Sleeping with CPAP: 7 Tips for a Better CPAP Experience

As many sleep apnea sufferers can attest to, the first time you try your CPAP mask: you hate it. The main problem is our mindset. Many of us feel hesitant about wanting to wear a mask, in any capacity, while we sleep. A 2008 research study1 hailing from the Canadian Respiratory Journal reports that almost […]

Springtime and CPAP

Springtime is here! Time to open the windows and let the fresh air in – along with dust, pollen and other allergens. And read our helpful springtime CPAP tips. 1. If you have spring allergies, try CPAP humidification. If allergies are attacking your nose, it can feel more irritated when it has to warm up […]

Travel with CPAP Equipment

Travel with CPAP equipment Sleep apnea treatment doesn’t have to interfere with your travel plans. ResMed masks, machines and accessories are fully portable. Air travel When sleep apnea treatment is needed in-flight, it is recommended that you contact the airline at least two weeks prior to traveling. Follow these recommended preparations: Carry a letter from […]

Common CPAP Complaints: Dry Mouth

Common CPAP complaint: Dry mouth Your CPAP machine can be positively life-changing in so many ways (ie, restored sleep, more energy, improvement of other existing health conditions). But we know it can also be challenging to use at times, tempting users to abandon their treatment and accept life-threatening consequences. That’s why, for the next three […]

Using a CPAP Humidifier this Winter

Using a CPAP humidifier this winter When the weather outside is frightful, using humidification can make CPAP more delightful. Cold, dry air: Is often less comfortable to breathe. Can cause you to wake up with uncomfortabledry mouth. Makes your nose work extra hard to heat air up before it reaches your lungs, which can cause […]

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