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Respironics Amara Full Face CPAP Mask


The Amara Full Face Mask by Philips Respironics is smaller and lighter than other traditional full face masks. With a design focused on ease of use, the cushion can be quickly snapped into place with one simple click after cleaning.


The Amara Full Face Mask was developed based on feedback from the sleep community, addressing common concerns with cleaning, weight, and assembly. The mask offers four sizes petite, small, medium, and large. At the time of ordering select the cushion size and, if offered, either the Reduced Size frame and headgear or the original size frame and headgear.


Lightweight design
Easy to clean
One click assembly
Fine-glide forehead adjustment
Micro exhalation ports
Quiet operation
Talon quick release clips
Sturdy headgear tabs
Size Flexibility

Lightweight Design

The simplified design of the Amara full face mask makes it lighter than other leading full face masks. There is no cushion clip to manage, just snap the cushion in place with one click. The reduced weight and smaller overall design eliminates pressure to the face and reduces the dragging effect on headgear.

Mask Design Features

The Amara is designed to be simple to use and maintain. The cushion comes off easily for cleaning and the unique one click design allows it to snap back onto the frame quickly. With fewer components than many other masks in the category there are no small parts to lose.

Forehead Support Features

The fine-glide forehead adjuster changes the depth of the forehead pad by small increments allowing for fine tuning of the fit with one hand. The forehead pad balances the support over the width of the pad for stability.

Micro Exhalation Ports

Respironics uses their proven micro exhalation ports for quiet operation. The angle of the ports diffuses the airflow to reduce the sound. The position of the ports directs the airflow away from bed partners and the mask user.

Headgear Features

The Amara headgear has sturdy, inlaid tabs for durability and is designed to offer a stable fit throughout the night. The quick release talon headgear clips make putting the mask on and off smoother. The clips are made of a soft plastic to hold up to use and snap into place with one click. Twist the talon clip to remove it from the mask frame.

Size Flexibility

Respironics designed the Amara to simplify changing out sizes to fit different size faces. There are 2 mask frame sizes: standard and reduced size ‘RS.’ Additionally, there are 2 headgear sizes – standard and reduced size ‘RS.’ The headgear is interchangeable between mask sizes.

Both the regular and RS sized headgear will fit on any size Amara mask and frame. All size cushions fit on either the regular or RS frame.

The Amara is offered in several configurations of frame, cushion and headgear sizes:

“Petite – (Reduced Size Headgear & Frame)” – Comes with the petite cushion, RS frame, RS headgear
“Small – (Reduced Size Headgear & Frame)” – Comes with the small cushion, RS frame, RS headgear
“Medium – (Standard Headgear & Reduced Size Frame)” – Comes with the medium cushion, RS frame, Standard sized headgear
“Small” – Comes with the small cushion, regular frame, regular headgear
“Medium” – Comes with the medium cushion, regular frame, regular headgear
“Large” – Comes with the large cushion, regular frame, regular headgear

Mask parts

  • No any Mask parts available in this product.

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This Product Includes…

  • Mask
  • Headgear

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Large, Medium, Petite, Small


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